Recycling EV batteries is crucial for minimizing environmental impact and conserving valuable resources. However, EV battery recycling faces significant challenges, resulting in a high number of discarded batteries. Despite the potential to retrieve up to 95% of lithium-ion, only 5% of EV batteries are currently being recycled.

One of the primary obstacles in recycling end-of-life batteries is the high cost involved. The complex nature of battery components and the need for specialized equipment make the process expensive. Additionally, the lack of standardized procedures for assessing the remaining capacity of EV batteries poses another challenge. Furthermore, the absence of a truly circular economy represents a significant barrier to efficient recycling, slowing down the potential for multiple re-usage cycles.

To recycle EV batteries, they must first be dismantled—a challenging task due to the lack of standardization. Battery packs from various manufacturers differ in size and configuration, containing differently-shaped cells joined by welds and other connections that must be broken down.

WeAutomotive Group produces and organizes some of the leading conferences, summits, and exhibitions in the automotive industry. Our events are distinguished by dedicated support and participation from OEMs, attracting attendees from major companies and innovative start-ups worldwide. Our meticulously researched and curated programs, developed in collaboration with OEMs, address the most pressing challenges and key investment areas, ensuring the presence of top-tier attendees.

The xEV Battery Recycling Summit Europe offers an unparalleled technical-conference agenda and networking opportunities in a welcoming, personable environment. Join us at the EV Battery Recycling Summit Europe 2024, where leaders from battery production, recycling firms, raw material suppliers, electric vehicle manufacturers, and the broader automotive battery supply chain will tackle the key challenges to enhanced recycling and recyclability. Discover groundbreaking innovations and solutions driving the establishment of a circular economy in the automotive industry and the development of sustainable supply chains for the future.

Take part in this pioneering, industy leading event dedicated to electric vehicle batteries, where material, battery, OEM and recycling leaders explore future recycling trends, innovations and disruptive technologies shaping the future of emobility.




Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Summit equips industry leaders with the knowledge and partnerships essential for sustainable success. Explore state-of-the-art technologies and pioneering methods that optimize recycling processes, enhance efficiency, and promote environmental responsibility. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your operations excel in the rapidly advancing field of EV battery recycling.

Explore cutting-edge solutions and innovations designed to enhance the sustainability of electric vehicles, extract greater value from battery waste, and foster the transition toward a more circular battery economy

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The electric vehicle industry is experiencing a significant shift, and effective battery recycling requires innovation and insight. The Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Summit offers an interactive technology showcase, insightful presentations, and strategic networking sessions. This summit equips recycling leaders with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate this evolving landscape and drive sustainable, long-term growth.

Discover emerging technical advancements, state-of-the-art interventions, and cutting-edge research. Engage with industry leaders specializing in sustainability, technology, engineering, and research to exchange insights and ideas.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with leading experts in EV battery recycling. Our carefully curated lineup features some of the most renowned names in the industry, delivering inspiring keynote presentations. These sessions will explore the latest challenges, real-world business cases, and opportunities for further integrating advanced recycling technologies into your operations.

Listen to renowned industry experts from the battery, OEM and recycling sectors as they delve into the most recent regulatory, strategic, economic, and technological advancements, offering insights into future trends and innovations

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Explore the future of EV battery recycling at our Innovation Showcase. The Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Summit offers an opportunity to engage with leading companies, experts, and cutting-edge technologies on our exhibition floor. Discuss your challenges, network with industry leaders, and discover practical solutions to advance your recycling operations.

Connect with a diverse global audience through invaluable face-to-face networking opportunities and exhibit showcases. Experience the unparalleled benefits of in-person interactions, where you not only meet the right individuals but also ensure that the right individuals have the chance to connect with you.

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A meticulously researched, technical content-led agenda, curated in partnership with OEMs to address critical challenges and key investment areas.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with leading experts in EV battery recycling. This year’s lineup features some of the most renowned industry names delivering inspiring keynote presentations, insightful panels, and cutting-edge technology demonstrations. These sessions will explore the latest challenges, real-world case studies, and opportunities to advance battery recycling and foster a more sustainable future.


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Battery Recycling Technologies & Processes

Including methods like pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, direct recycling, and the challenges associated with each approach.

Sustainability Challenges and Solutions

Addressing the environmental and economic sustainability issues related to battery recycling and proposing solutions to enhance circularity.

Regional Perspectives on Battery Recycling

Analyzing the future scenarios and challenges for battery recycling in different regions such as Europe, the US, China, and Japan.

Technological Advances in Recycling

Discussing innovations in recycling technology and the development of recycling plants for efficient battery material recovery.

Material Characterization and Analysis

Exploring methods for analyzing battery materials and processing residues to ensure purity and quality in recycling products.

Regulatory and Legislative Framework

Examining the impact of regulations on battery recycling and strategies for compliance within the evolving regulatory environment.

Supply Chain Localization and Circular Economy

Discussing strategies to localize battery supply chains, maximize value, and create a closed-loop system for sustainable battery materials.

Battery Management and Safety

Addressing challenges and advancements in battery management, transportation, safety standards, and risk mitigation.

Industry Collaboration and Partnerships

Exploring the importance of collaboration between stakeholders, including OEMs, recyclers, policymakers, and researchers, to drive innovation and achieve sustainability goals in the battery industry.

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Battery Recycling Technologies & Processes

Companies showcasing innovative technologies and processes for recycling electric vehicle batteries.

Battery Manufacturers

Manufacturers of electric vehicle batteries, including both primary and secondary (remanufactured) batteries.

Battery Remanufacturers

Companies specializing in the remanufacturing or refurbishing of electric vehicle batteries for reuse.

Battery Degradation Monitoring Systems

Exhibitors offering monitoring systems and solutions for assessing the health and degradation of electric vehicle batteries over time.

Battery Chemistry Optimization

Companies specializing in developing advanced battery chemistries optimized for recyclability and sustainability.

Battery Second Life Applications

Companies showcasing innovative applications and solutions for repurposing used electric vehicle batteries in energy storage systems, grid stabilization, or other secondary uses.

Recycling Equipment Providers

Exhibitors offering machinery, equipment, and tools for battery dismantling, sorting, and recycling.

Sustainability Solutions Providers

Companies offering sustainable solutions for battery recycling, waste management, and environmental impact reduction.

Raw Material Suppliers

Suppliers of critical raw materials used in battery manufacturing and recycling processes.

Research and Development

Organizations involved in research, development, and innovation in the field of battery recycling and circular economy initiatives.

Education and Training Providers

Institutions or organizations offering education, training, and certification programs in battery recycling and related fields.

Battery Lifecycle Management Platforms

Providers of software platforms and tools for tracking and managing the entire lifecycle of electric vehicle batteries, from manufacturing to end-of-life recycling.

Government and Regulatory Bodies

Representatives from government agencies and regulatory bodies involved in setting standards and regulations for battery recycling.

Battery Management and Safety

Addressing challenges and advancements in battery management, transportation, safety standards, and risk mitigation.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Firms offering consulting, advisory, and certification services related to battery recycling and sustainability.

Material Recovery and Refinement Technologies

Exhibitors focusing on technologies for the recovery and refinement of valuable materials from spent electric vehicle batteries, such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese.

Battery Pack Design and Optimization

Companies offering design and optimization services for electric vehicle battery packs, with a focus on recyclability, durability, and performance.

Circular Economy Integration Solution

Providers of holistic solutions and services for integrating electric vehicle battery recycling into the broader circular economy framework, including waste management, resource recovery, and sustainable supply chain management.

Advanced Sorting and Separation Technologies

Providers of advanced sorting and separation technologies for efficiently recovering valuable materials from complex battery chemistries and configurations.

Blockchain and Traceability Solutions

Exhibitors offering blockchain-based solutions for tracking and tracing the origin, ownership, and lifecycle of electric vehicle batteries, enhancing transparency and accountability in the recycling process.

Robotic Automation and AI in Recycling

Companies showcasing robotic automation and artificial intelligence technologies for automating and optimizing the electric vehicle battery recycling process, improving efficiency and reducing costs.


Battery Technologists, Leading & Emerging OEMs, Cell manufacturers, Pack Integrators :

Lucid Motors, Rivian, ONE | Our Next Energy, Tesla, Ford, GM, Stellantis, Amazon, BDTRONIC, Apple, Lyft, AVL, BMW, Google, BrightVolt, JLR, BYD, CATL, Clarios, Cummins, NIO, SERES, MAHINDRA AUTOMOTIVE NORTH AMERICA, Custom Cells, Daimler, EaglePicher, Samsung, EnerSys, BYTON, ENOVIX, Uber, EnPower, EoCell, Polestar, Canoo, Factorial, FISKER, First National Battery, Fluence, Gogoro, Gotion, CARESOFT, Group14, GS Yuasa, Harley Davidson, Honda, Hyundai, John Deere, LG, MATHWORKS, Lion Electric, Mercedes Benz, Milwaukee Tool, Mitsubishi, Natron Energy, Nissan, Panasonic, Polaris, PolyPlus, Porsche America, QuantumScape, Robert Bosch, Rolls Royce, SAFT, Sion Power, SIONIC Energy, DUPONT, Solid Power, Solid State Battery, TRUMPF, South 8 Technologies, Lamborghini, StoreDot, DASSAULT SYSTEMES, Teledyne, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Toyota, Triathlon Batterien, Volkswagen, Volvo, Yokohama, AMPCERA, ASPEN AEROGELS, Ferrarri, AVERY DENNISON, BASF, A123 Systems, ABB, Daimler Truck North America, Morgan Advanced Materials, SCANIA, Total Energies, Wevo Chemical Advanced Battery.. and many more!


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